Landlord Liaison and Smart Renter Programs

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Landlord Liaison Program & Smart Renter Classes

Landlord Liaison

The relationships built between local landlords and property owners matter, now more than ever.

YWCA NCW strives to build and maintain positive relationships with the landlords and property management companies in our region. We believe strongly that our clients and those that we serve benefit from a positive working relationship between the community and landlords.

Please check back soon for more information on our Landlord Liaison program.

Smart Renter Classes

For people new to renting or for those considered high-risk tenants, finding and maintaining rental housing can be a complicated and confusing process. The barriers can seem endless.

Smart Renter classes can provide valuable information for potential renters to find and keep housing. Participants can gain the knowledge and skills essential for a successful renting experience.

Learning how to form a strong partnership between tenant and landlord is key to that experience. Other goals include helping people gain the skills and confidence to find and maintain affordable housing; understanding the application and screening processes landlords use; and learning the rights and responsibilities of both tenants and landlords.

YWCA NCW’s Smart Renter classes are still under development, and we rely on the financial support of those in the community to make it a reality. If you are interested in financially supporting our smart renter classes, please contact Development Director, Sherry Dawley at 509-662-3531 x 121