Master Leasing Program and Rent Smart

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Master Leasing Program & Rent Smart

Master Leasing Program

The relationships built between local landlords and property owners matter, now more than ever.

YWCA NCW strives to build and maintain positive relationships with the landlords and property management companies in our region. We believe strongly that our clients and those that we serve benefit from a positive working relationship between the community and landlords.

What is Master Leasing?

In YWCA NCW’s Master Leasing Program, the YWCA signs and holds the lease to a property and has the ability to sub-lease the property.

How does the community benefit from master leasing?

Through the Master Leasing Program, YWCA NCW is able to sub-lease houses, apartments, and other units to women, families, and individuals who otherwise may not be able to find or qualify for housing due to being an “undesirable” applicant. Something as small as a short or non-existent rental history, a less than average credit score, or other factors often disqualify otherwise qualified applicants from being approved for a rental. Through this program YWCA NCW is able to house these applicants, provide targeted case-management services IN the unit, and help individuals and families move out of or avoid homelessness.

How do landlords benefit from master leasing?

  • FINANCIAL SECURITY-The owner of the property is guaranteed rent each month- regardless of the occupancy of the property or any extenuating circumstances of the tenant.
  • PEACE OF MIND-Each Master Leased property has a case manager who will be in the property working with the tenants on a regular basis (at the very least monthly) and ensuring the satisfactory upkeep of the property and continued success.
  • IT’S FREE-No overhead charges assessed unlike traditional property management companies.
  • NO FUSS-Most repairs are able to be handled by the YWCA’s full time maintenance supervisor, saving the owner time and money.

I have a rental property. How can I master lease or where do I get more information?

If you are a landlord, property owner, or are a property manager and are interested in our program please contact:

Dusti Mahoney, YWCA NCW Landlord Liaison

509-662-3531 ext. 131 Or


Rent Smart

For people new to renting or for those considered high-risk tenants, finding and maintaining rental housing can be a complicated and confusing process. The barriers can seem endless.

Smart Renter classes can provide valuable information for potential renters to find and keep housing. Participants can gain the knowledge and skills essential for a successful renting experience.

Learning how to form a strong partnership between tenant and landlord is key to that experience. Other goals include helping people gain the skills and confidence to find and maintain affordable housing; understanding the application and screening processes landlords use; and learning the rights and responsibilities of both tenants and landlords.

Upcoming 2019 Rent Smart Classes:

  • Wednesday, January 16, 10:00am-4:00pm

Please contact Dusti Mahoney at 662-3531 ext. 131 if you are interested in signing up to attend a Rent Smart Class (Free of charge) or with any questions about the program.