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Our state lawmakers are currently in Olympia making important decisions that will affect women and families across Washington. Now is a great time to speak up for change!

Take Action Now

YWCA supports many policies every year to eliminate racism and empower women and families in our community. Find out what we’re fighting for in 2023!


YWCA NCW relies on the generosity of our community members to be able to continue to do important advocacy work in our community, region, and state.

YWCA NCW advocates for policies that advance our mission by highlighting the experiences and lifting up the voices of women, families, and people of color in our community.

By focusing not on blame but on institutional bias and discrimination, we build a movement for an equitable future for all by targeting racial and gender disparities. We work upstream to eliminate the systemic causes of oppression which necessitate our services at YWCA NCW.