Fall 2021 Newsletter

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Fall 2021 Newsletter

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YWCA North Central Washington

Do you want to volunteer at the YWCA Thrift Store? Join us at the Warehouse Volunteer Event, the 3rd Saturday of each month. Find more YWCA Thrift Store volunteer opportunities here.



New Business Hours – Tuesday through Saturday 10:30 – 5:30 pm. Donations are accepted in the YWCA Warehouse Wednesdays and Saturdays. We do need donations of men’s clothing.

Thank you to our volunteers!

Shed Demo! 

Thank you to Nick Tapp from the YWCA Board of Directors and Anastasia and Sean Cooper from the Wenatchee Rotary Club.

What brought you to YWCA? “After seven years of heroin and meth addiction, I decided to come back. I had a severe spinal infection. I was hospitalized for four months, and I went straight to rehab, graduated and came to Wenatchee. I stayed three weeks at an Oxford house, but I couldn’t afford it. I called YWCA and they have given me shelter ever since. I remain clean since February 13, 2019 and I am grateful to the YWCA. If I was back on the streets, I would probably relapse.” – A.K. 2021 What has your experience at YWCA been like? “They are the best people. They have helped me with shelter, food, clothing. They make sure we have everything we need. Anybody who comes here and does not benefit, I feel it’s because they don’t want to or are not ready for the help. Kathy, Michelle and Rachel are always helping or offering to help, whether it be talking or filling out paperwork.” – A.K. 2021 How has YWCA helped you? “By asking if we need anything. I truly would be lost, probably back on drugs if not for having a safe, clean, and sober place to stay while I am trying to find permanent housing. The YWCA staff are my heroes!” -A.K. 2021

Spread the Christmas Cheer!

Give the gift of Christmas to one of the women participating in our housing programs. You can pick up a gift tag from our Giving Tree at the YWCA Thrift Store starting November 19. Gift tags with unwrapped gifts are due back by December 10. Merry Christmas!

There was a great turnout at the Fall Food Drive! Thank you to all of the generous shoppers who donated to the YWCA Food and Hygiene Pantry. The women and families staying in our housing programs now have a full pantry of essential items. Also, a big thank you to Grocery Outlet and Plaza Super Jet for hosting us.




We are asking for donations to implement several critical housing facility updates.

YWCA NCW will be participating in Give NCW, an online fundraising campaign that supports nonprofits in North Central Washington.

In providing year-round, safe and secure shelter from the elements, YWCA empowers and supports women in their journey to economic security and self-sufficiency.

To make a donation, visit www.GiveNCW.org any time between Thanksgiving Day and December 31st.

Kitchen Remodel in New Bridges Transitional Shelter

The kitchen in the New Bridges Transitional Shelter received a face-lift with new granite countertops and a stainless steel sink.




Staff Profile

Michelle Bolyard, Housing Manager

In March 2018, Michelle Bolyard began her career with YWCA NCW as a Thrift Store Associate. She was promoted to Housing Specialist in May 2018 and then promoted to Housing Manager in June 2019, she is coming up on her fourth year with YWCA NCW. When asked why she is passionate about YWCA NCW, she replied, “I am passionate about giving the women who come through here a second chance at life (or sometimes 7-8 chances!) Helping them find their voice, walking beside them to make better choices for a better life, and empowering them along the way.” Michelle’s favorite hobby is softball. “Playing softball is my outlet, my ‘therapy’ if you will.”

Week Without Violence 2021

YWCA NCW joined the national movement and Sage in taking a stand against domestic violence and sexual assault.

YWCA NCW Board of Directors

Clover Simon, President/Chair

Michele Sandberg, Vice President/Chair

Shelly Nelson, Secretary

Nick Tapp, Treasurer

Frances Twiggs, Member

Wendy Dalpez, Member