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YWCA North Central Washington is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.

YWCA NCW focuses our efforts on the most relevant issues in our community. We strive to eliminate homelessness, end racism and discrimination, and provide life skills education and job training for women and women with children who are struggling with housing and getting a living-wage income.

On January 2nd, 1957, YWCA NCW was first incorporated into Washington State. Soon after, utilizing a gift made by the AZ Wells Foundation, we were able to purchase our first and permanent location, an old Baptist church, at 212 First Street in Wenatchee. A remodel of the building was done in order to accommodate the needs of the organization and then the building was opened and became the home of the YWCA NCW.

In the mid-60’s, a woman full of uncertainty and fearful of her future, stepped off of a bus in Wenatchee; She was young with black eyes and bruises covering her body. She was approached by the Executive Director of YWCA Wenatchee Valley who talked with her, and brought her into the organization in order to bring her to safety and help her. Since that time, the YWCA has heard countless stories of a similar nature and we strive to help each and every one as we can.

In the past, the focus of the organization was a little different than it is now. Youth programs such as theatre, craft workshops, and community outreach with classes focusing on hobbies and art exhibitions were a strong priority, but the YWCA has always welcomed women, and children, who are struggling and helped whom we could. Since that time, there has a been a shift in our mission. In 2008, our first Women’s Shelter was opened and began giving women in need a temporary place to stay, all while giving them the tools necessary to keep them off the streets and out of homelessness. The YWCA NCW opened its own Café AZ in 2010, providing the first job training location where shelter guests could learn skills working in a retail location, and in 2011, we opened our own thrift store to provide even more training and education.

In 2014, YWCA NCW launched the New Bridges Transitional Housing Program for women, and women with children; Allowing up to a one year stay in order to continue working on being self-sufficient. In 2016, Wenatchee City Mayor, Frank Kuntz, declared April 28 to be Stand Against Racism Day after diligent community education toward eliminating racism. Coming in October of 2016, we will be holding our second annual Hallow-Queens Drag Show. This event proved to be a very successful fundraiser for our organization in 2015, bringing in over 340 patrons to enjoy the show at the Numerica Perfoming Arts Center all while promoting diversity within the community.

As we continue into the future of our organization, we will strive to search for more ways to bring new opportunities to those who are homeless and underprivileged, creating more events and fundraisers to promote awareness and diversity, and continue to work with the City of Wenatchee and the State of Washington to help end homelessness, empower women, and eliminate racism.


Jenny Pratt

Executive Director
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Operations & Housing Manager
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Jennifer Hoffman

Store Program Manager
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Judy Brown

Administrative Assistant
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Cristal Gomez

Housing Specialist
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Kathreen Smith

Americorp Vista
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Kristina Fry

Special Projects Manager

Alyssa Garcia

Special Projects Manager

Board of Directors

Linda Kearny


Natasha Halverson

Vice President

Clover Simon


Shelly Nelson


Stephannie Kuntz

Board at Large

Melissa Knott

Board at Large

Talia Butler

Board at Large

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